Pre-Registration is OPEN

Happy Curling Day in Canada! The Trillium Curling Camp is happy to be taking pre-registrations for camp. This pre-registration does not require any payment and will give you the first opportunity to fully register for camp once we have been able to determine the format and size that we will be able to accommodate. Pre-registration DOES NOT guarantee your spot at camp. There are still too many unknowns around the current COVID-19 situation to be able to make firm camp plans. Completing a pre-registration gives you the best shot at a spot and it helps us plan in advance, so thanks!

Campers, you have to have a guardian register you and all communications will go to their email. To pre-register, click the button below. Only electronic pre-registrations will be accepted, there is no phone in or paper mail method to be added to this list.

PLEASE NOTE: Each camper will need to pre-register individually. Families, that means if you have multiple campers who want on the list you need to pre-register each camper individually.